They were exciting and funny, and had good stories and pretty girls and intriguing locations and a certain kind of style. And [they] didn't take anything for granted. - Sean Connery There are a few moments where [Bond's] more vulnerable that I'm quite proud of. I was never one to walk away from a risk and this was the biggest professional one I ever had. - George Lazenby As Spencer Tracy said, 'Say the lines and hit the marks.' As Lee Marvin said, 'Say the marks and hit the lines.' I carried somewhere in between. - Roger Moore You do a Bond and it's bigger than anything. You incorporate it as part of your history. It rises out of proportion. There's nothing to compare with the notion of Bond in people's consciousness. - Timothy Dalton I just hope that it's truthful and believable, having the time of his life killing people, drinking martinis, and shagging his way through the high society of every country he goes to. - Pierce Brosnan There are characteristic guidelines that you have to adhere to because it’s a Bond movie, and we try and do that, but within the parameters of that, you mess it up, and that’s the challenge and exciting thing about doing this. - Daniel Craig